Award of Valor

Each year, the Great Lakes Chapter sponsors an award of valor for outstanding performance in ARFF or safety. The award is presented at the AAAE Annual Conference. Nominations are solicited on a national basis and are reviewed by Chapter ARFF committee. The award includes a citation describing the circumstances involved and a $500 check from the Chapter.

ARFF Meritorious Service Award

This award was established to recognize fire rescue personnel within the Chapter who have been nominated by their supervisors for meritorious and dedicated service within their section. Acts of performance deserving recognition of this award need not be in the heroic or life-saving category. Time and cost saving procedures, equipment modification, and improved training methods are things that would merit a nomination for this award. A $100 check is presented the winner(s).

Scholarship: Delegate-Member Program

This scholarship is available to all delegate members within GLC-AAAE who have been active members, in good standing. Members actively involved in airport management will be given preference. Examples of programs that are available for assistance are:

  • National Membership Dues
  • Conference / Travel for Final A.A.E. Interview
  • Conference & CEH / CEU
  • Executive Exchange / Mentor Program
  • Scholastic Scholarship
  • Other

You must be an active member in good standing of the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) for a period of at least 12 months to apply for this program. Reimbursements will be awarded to members upon confirmation of successful completion of an examination program or conference attendance. Candidates can apply to receive reimbursement for an eligible expense within the preceding 12 months or within the upcoming 12 months.

The information presented on this application will determine your eligibility for this assistance and will also be used as a basis for your ranking. For this reason, it is important that you answer all questions completely, attach your autobiography, a statement of interest and any other attachments you believe are pertinent.

For any questions, please contact Mark Miller at 612-726-5111, or 

2020 applications will be accepted beginning June 15, 2020.

Scholarship: Student Program

Anyone seriously pursuing a degree in airport management may apply for this assistance. Active members of GLC-AAAE will be given preference. Examples of programs that are available for assistance are:

  • National Membership Dues
  • Conference Sponsorship
  • Internship Sponsor
  • Scholastic Scholarship
  • Job Shadowing
  • Hiring Network

Apply Online

Applications are due by October 31

2019 Student Assistance Application (PDF)

Student Chapter Financial Assistance

Student Chapter Financial Assistance Application